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About Absolut Construct

"Absolut Construct” company's mission is to build a better and safer society for people, customers and the community. We promote integrity and ethics at all levels, invest in safety and development of the staff. We introduce and apply the most rigid standards, best methods and the latest technologies to modernize the Moldovan construction industry. We appreciate the long-standing business relationships with our clients  and we realize that only together we can positively contribute to the prosperity and well-being of our common society.

The core services of our company are:

  • Services of General Contractor, Project Management and Design-Build for the construction and repair of residential houses, commercial and office centers, administrative and industrial buildings.
  • Architectural Design and Interior Design of residential, civil and industrial buildings, including offices and commercial spaces.
  • Development of Cost Estimates and Verification of Cost Estimates for civil, industrial and infrastructure construction.
  • A/E Consultant, designed to protect interests of our clients, who have already begun construction or who are willing to start new construction and want to have behind them specialists with rich knowledge in the field of construction.
  • Real Estate Inspection, including Home Inspection and Commercial Property Inspection determine the state of the building and identify maintenance issues for home / property buyers, real estate professionals and owners.

For more details about "Absolut Construct" services find us at:

Phone: (069)212-086
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