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    We plan, construct and manage construction of variety of residential projects. As a Project Manager or General Contractor we are able to guide the development process, coordinate the broader development team, and serve as the central point for communication and decision making. We enjoy the collaborative process to create environments in which people live, work and play.

    Like commercial buildings, they often fall into two categories:

  • Totally New Construction. We develop and manage construction of variety of new residential projects from building itself, Interior and Offsite Works. The biggest benefit is ability to develop the best-fit project for the Owner and end users.
  • Adaptive Reuse - It takes the regeneration of existing buildings. Reconstruction of the projects often contain strengthening the structure and foundations, partitioning of the building and interior space, architectural reconstruction, interior repairs, installation of modern equipment and providing new communications. The biggest benefit is the sustainability aspect to the environment.  

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