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Turn-key construction of houses

Construction of houses and cottages.

      If you want to enjoy the closeness of nature and feel the warmth of the hearth, the construction of a house - is exactly what you need. Despite of relatively high cost of land and materials, construction of private houses becomes more and more popular.
      Whether it's a luxury villa or a simple house, the need for building a private house is always. Private house sets new standards of life, free from the bustle and noise of the city.

      We offer architectural design and construction of houses, according to individual projects.
      We work with professionals in residential construction with specialized education and great practical experience.
      Basic technologies used to construct the houses are: stone houses - limestone blocks, silicate blocks (cellular concrete: Ytong), large ceramic blocks (Brikston), completely monolithic homes and frame monolith homes, walls which are made of the same limestone blocks, silicate blocks or ceramic blocks.

How to save on construction of the house, but not on quality.

      Do you know how to save on construction of the house? We know. It is necessary to build qualitatively using reliable and proven materials. Then you will not need to spend money on construction and repairs of the house in the future.

      Order construction of the house today! The construction season is very short in Moldova (April to November). But before you start construction work on site, we should make the estimates (but that's not fast if the estimates is detailed and accurate. If you do not have a project yet - then more time is need to elaborate project documentation! The project documentation can be ordered from us or from other design companies.

What construction company to choose for turnkey house construction?

      Of course you can use a tender to select the company, but you must understand that the main criterion for the selection of the construction company is not the cost of turnkey house construction, but the quality: quality of materials, quality of equipment (boilers, pipes, valves, etc.) and quality of work.
      To properly compare prices from different building companies, it is necessary to take account the works included, terms and quality of materials.
      Customers usually are not specialists in houses building and have no experience of living in a country house, therefore it is not easy to choose which house to build, what materials and equipment to use.
      Customers are not even supposed to know that! Find all this at builders or designers. If the builder asks you and can’t recommend nothing, then appears a question “Is this company competent and experienced?”.
      A good construction company advises what kind of materials you can choose from, what material is better or less good. What can be saved in the construction of the house, and what not.

      Preliminary consultation can be obtained from our managers and a more detailed consultation at our office from our engineers and designers (for free, but with prior appointment).
      Construction companies that build houses in Republic of Moldova are many, and construction crews are even more. But reliable builders, specialized in turnkey construction of houses and villas - are few.

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