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Construction management

Having experienced and qualified specialists, the "Absolut Construct" company is able to offer Construction Management services. Our Construction Management responsibilities are: to achieve administrative and managerial work, interaction with members of the investment process in construction, which leads to commissioning of the finished building in amicable and collaborative manner.

Complex of  Construction management services offered by „Absolut Construct” company includes:

At the preliminary design stage:

  • obtaining documentation which establishes the right to build;
  • getting the permission for the design (urban development certificate) based on the project draft;
  • doing surveying and design works;
  • getting specifications and permits for connection to the public utility network;
  • developing task book for the design;
  • collecting basic data for the design;
  • informing residents and gets agreement of persons and organisations whose interests may be directly affected by the construction works and during its operations.

At project documentation and estimates stage:

At project verification stage:

  • accompanying project verification process.

At preparation for construction stage:

  • conducting the tender for choosing the general contractor;
  • accompanying the release of execution documentation;
  • controlling of execution works in preparatory period and their timely delivery.

At the stage of obtaining building permits:

  • collecting the needed documents;
  • getting authorizations;
  • coordinating the project of work execution;
  • announcing the beginning of construction works.

At construction supervision stage:

  • analyzing of estimates provided by the contractor: checking types and volumes of work, checking the list and amount of materials, detailed analysis and calculation of the unit cost by type of work, checking of the works and materials that are not included;
  • the engineering supervision of the technology and quality performance of all construction works and their compliance with the approved design and estimate documentation. Compliance of building codes, rules and technical conditions;
  • monitoring of compliance with the approved schedule of construction and installation work, delivery terms of materials and equipment;
  • examination together with design company of general contractor's proposals to improve quality, lower costs and improve of the works;
  • checking of quality certificates, results of laboratory analyzes and materials testing for components and structures used in the construction of the facility;
  • checking and signing of survey reports of execution of hidden works;
  • monitoring the timeliness and accuracy of completion of the technical construction documents;
  • monitoring of introduced changes in the execution project that appeared in construction process;
  • monitoring timely implementation of all requirements and guidance of the author and the State Construction Inspectorate.

At the stage of commissioning of the object:

  • preparing documentation required for commissioning;
  • convening of reception commission;
  • obtaining necessary documents for connection to the public utilities network;
  • commissioning of the object.

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